Fishing LaCygne – 9/18/12

Eric and I made a late day call on Tuesday afternoon and headed south to LaCygne to see what was biting that evening. We stopped in at Lake & Dale in Hillsdale to pick up minnows and other supplies and off we went. The weather could not be more beautiful, having light winds and temperatures in the low 80s – which made for a pleasant afternoon of fishing. We were on the backside of a cold front, and the effect this would have on our catching  was yet to be determined. We purchased minnows for crappie, but decided we better net some shad for wiper and cats. When launching the boat, shad were popping all around us, so Eric quickly took to his post and began tossing the cast net. After only netting a few shad we moved out a little deeper and on Eric’s next toss we noticed a large swirl as he began hauling in the net. Now it was clear why we were not netting many shad; this giant bass had been eating them all!! 😀

We snapped a photo and quickly returned him to the water. You never know what you will catch in the cast net.

We headed south to find shad then boated out to the center of the lake.  We graphed fish all over the water column. I could not believe the schools of what appeared to be large fish on the Humminbird.  We dangled minnows and shad in front of them with no takers.  The cold front must have put these fish in a negative mood, because nobody was hungry.  In hindsight, we spent too much of the limited time we had hanging baits in the water wishing for a bite rather than hunting out fish with a better appetite.  After picking up a handful of 12-14” catfish and 1 crappie we decided it was time to move on.  We elected to head back south where we saw large numbers of shad and also a ‘flock of seagulls’ (tee hee) sitting on the water.  We retied our rigs and began trolling.  With limited sunlight left we trolled two different areas, only managing three white bass.

The cold front had definitely impacted our catching. With less than 30 minutes of sunlight left we headed north to the hot water outlet for a quick look around. As we rounded the point we found 2 other boats already sitting there, so we moved farther north and began tossing the sassy shad around.  Water temps in the southern areas of the lake were mid 70s and north of the outlet were in the 80s.  Still not finding active fish, we decided to call it a night.  As we headed back to the ramp we happened across a break that was loaded with fish and based on past experience the sonar image looked like a big school of wiper.  I started casting back across them with the sassy shad while Eric was smarter and tossed out a real shad.  Within a few seconds Eric had a good fighter on the hook.

You can bet this sent me scrambling for the cut bait rigs but unfortunately it was one and done.  Even though the catch rate was poor we had a great outing.  We are still learning LaCygne and finding this last new spot was a huge bonus.  I am already looking forward to our next adventure.

~ Jeff

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