A Windy Friday – Hillsdale Crappie

Friday found me needing to get a little outdoors time in after work. Lucky for me, Pat Mellard was in town from KSU and wanted to get out, so Pat and I headed out to Hillsdale to brave the wind.

We found a small brush pile up Scott’s Creek that was somewhat out of the wind. The plan was to spend some time there to see if the crappie where on it. Right now that particular pile is in 10 to 12 ft of water, where it normally would be in 12 to 15ft of water, but due to the drought, it’s a little shallower than I would like to fish this time of year. The problem was there was a strong 25 mph north wind, which created a second problem – a POST COLD FRONT bite (or lack of a bite!)

Pat and I started fishing about mid-afternoon and worked our way into early evening. As expected, the bite was slow and fish where very sluggish. At first, they only wanted minnows, but for some reason that minnow needed to be jerked up 5 inches very quickly and then they would hit it on the fall. Once the minnow bite stopped, they only wanted a 3 inch fluke fished in the same pattern. They would not bite a jig of any color. After that bite died they would only hit a minnow on a chartreuse jig head, dead sticked 2 cranks off the bottom… Once that bite stopped, I didn’t want to figure out what they wanted next, and we headed out. We did catch about 40 fish with one being a nice slab just over 14 inches. Not a bad day for as windy as it was. (water temp was 69 degrees)

~ Nick


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