Puppy Love

This summer we added another member to our family.  I’d like to introduce our new puppy, Gibbs.

8-week old Gibbs

This story really started two years ago when my longtime faithful companion and hunting partner, Cooper, passed away.  Cooper was a Vizsla with a huge heart and an unmatched passion for bird hunting.  He was a pointing dog with a nose second to none – his hunting accomplishments will live on (and no doubt be embellished) in stories of fondly remembered trips afield.  Vizslas are often times referred to as “Velcro” dogs and Cooper was all that; stuck to my side for 10 years whether in the field, out on the boat, or curled up next to me on the couch.  It was hard to tell whether he was more bird dog or lap dog.

Already taking his seat at the head of the table!

Vizslas are also extremely high energy and with young kids at home it took a couple of years before Beth and I were ready to take on another ‘child’ (fellow puppy owners know exactly what I mean!)  We realized earlier this year though that we missed having a four-legged companion around and decided to take the plunge.  Fellow K-Stater and breeder of Champion Vizslas, Dustin Ochs, had a litter of pups this spring from which we acquired Gibbs. 




Gibbs, just over 4-months old now is growing quickly and showing great promise also as hunter.  He can’t get enough of his time running in the field searching out meadowlarks and other birds.  I haven’t gotten him onto any quail yet, but hope too soon.  Unlike Cooper, Gibbs has grown up with the kids at home over summer break and has developed quite a bond with the rest of the family – while I’m gone at work 🙁  I don’t think he recognizes who ‘really’ provides the food in that dish!  I’m hoping this upcoming hunting season may change his allegiances 🙂

~ Eric

Cooper and my Dad with a hard earned pheasant

Cooper locked on point

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