Labor Day Weekend: Day Two

Not since the Superbowl back in February had we amassed the KS Outdoorsmen squadrons in all of their glorious entirety. Labor Day had been targeted for some time as the day we would reassemble the families in celebration of all things good and outdoorsy, and pay our due respects to yet another passing summer.

It was decided that we would not only bid the summer and its heat adieu; in fact, we would send it out with a BANG. Literally.

We are fortunate to have one among us who has 80 acres of prime picnic-camping-blue-rock-target-shooting habitat (I hear it is not too bad for deer and turkey, either!) With truckloads of goodies – ranging from firearms of all shapes and sizes to a buffet of tasty eats – readied, we formed a convoy and journeyed forth.
Once we arrived at the farm, we set up camp and got right to the fun. For half the adults and the older kids, we threw targets and shot handguns. The other group took the younger kids and went plinking with .22s and did a little fishing at the pond. Once everyone was worn out and hungry, we gathered back at camp for some great food and camaraderie, which was then followed by a bit of dove hunting. It was truly a blast to see the girls get after it. Our wives, who tolerate us and our guns and our passions, all season long… It’s just a joy to see them come out and be a part of what we men hold so dear. For me personally, it’s a tradition of firearms, understanding them, respecting them, and teaching others to do so as well. Fewer things bring me more joy than seeing my children respect and use guns safely in pursuit of those traditions I grew up with. ~ benton

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