Hillsdale with NO Electronics

This has been a very long week! Let me explain, this week my wife and I sold our house and had to move into a Duplex while construction continues on our new home. So why am I posting about that? The reason is I was in desperate need of getting outdoors and doing some fishing. I loaded up the boat, rods and reel, Labrador and headed off to the lake. When I got there I realized I left all of my electronics at the new house. No depth finder and no trolling motor remote…

So… the plan today changed a lot if a few short seconds. I spent the afternoon working over shallow brush piles that you can easily tie up to a tree close to them and not have to worry about looking for them. This limited my day considerably but did not keep me from catching fish. The bite was slow but I caught 8 or 9 keepers and 20+ fish in my short outing. Not a great day by any means but I did figure out the exact color they wanted today. I stated the day out with a black and chartreuse and that was decisively the best bite. I did catch a few on Red and Chartreuse but no other color produced anything.  It was great to get out after the long week so no complaints here!


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