Hillsdale on a 70 Degree Day in December

This afternoon several of the Outdoorsman free and finally able to get together for an afternoon. Normally in the fall when we all get together it involves a duck blind and some great stories, but with this years warm and dry weather the only option we really have is to hit the lake, so that’s what we did.

With all of having different drive times we opted to meet at Hillsdale Reservoir for our afternoon on the water. The reports we have been getting from friends have not been very exciting so our expectation for the afternoon where not to high. We started the afternoon looking all over the lake in multiple depths with limited success, but in true outdoorsman fashion you just have keep driving. We finally started to find some fish in 12 to 14 ft. of water along river channels in brush. The bite was steady and the keepers where they’re if you want to grind on them and for the last two hours of the day and that is just what we did. We picked up fish with real schools being found, only picking random fish off as we worked our way down a tree row.

Surprising the size of the keepers we did find where very solid, including a nice 15 and several 13-inch fish. We ended up keeping 14 fish for the afternoon and lots of great stories where told. The water temp is 50 degree and red and chartreuse was the hot color for most of the evening. It was a real treat to get on such a great fall/winter day.

~ Nick

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