‘Til the Cows Come Home: A New Year’s Eve Goose Hunt


We goose hunted until the Cows came home!

Sometimes hunting is about success, but most often getting in the outdoors is about spending time with family or friends. On this particular morning I had the opportunity to join my friend Benton and his friend, Dave, on a morning goose hunt. The snow was flying and the morning looked to be perfect for us to stack up a few geese. We never saw a goose.

photo (2)I hardly noticed though because I had a great time. Everyone asks if we froze our butts off and the answer is no. We were comfy in our gear, with fresh snow falling. The weather was a “gorgeous” that only a water fowler would claim. Fresh snow, open water on a previously frozen pond, excellent decoys and perfect looking spread. Sharing all of that with a couple of friends and just chewing the fat… and some deer sticks and swapping stories and getting caught up on what has been happening in our lives. Just good stuff.

photo (3)The farm cows paid is a visit during our hunt which gave me a great laugh. We had the perfect spread set up, horseshoe landing zone, for cows. Notice in the pics how the cows landed right in the middle of our spread. Once they locked up, they were done for. They were all in easy range… for a camera. Our cow calls worked well too. We are in the process of patenting them and opening our business, the “Cow Commanders”. Unfortunately there are already too many recipe books covering this subject so we will not be able to capitalize on that market anymore.

photo (1)We hoped the addition of a few “Confidence Cow” decoys in the spread might help, but the birds need to be flying to make it work!

Alas, none of us possessed a Cow “tag” so we went home with empty bags, but full of good times and new experiences!

~ Jon

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