No keeping us away from Clinton Lake

So far the 2013 winter fishing season has been a blast. Over the past week we have made a couple of trips back to Clinton Lake and all I can say is the bite has been HOT HOT HOT! Even mid-week the lake was crowded with fishing boats but fortunately the fish have been relating to the channel ledges throughout a large portion of the lake so there is no need to crowd one spot. When the bite is on you can bet the Outdoorsmen will be there to take advantage of it. Adam and his buddy Troy boated up for a brief conversation then left us destined for “The Spot”.


I am not sure what was going on over there in Adam’s boat but I saw lots of hook setting followed by “ooh Yeah Baby”!!  Those guys were putting the smack down on the fish.  Meanwhile in my boat we were experiencing multiple issues with the trolling motor and fish finder both of which are critical to this type of fishing.  After limping around Adam invited us over next to him and we joined in the fish fest. Spending quality time on the water is a great way to fill the time before the Super Bowl. With limited time to fish Chris and I headed over to another spot we had success with days earlier and found the fish still there and hungry. Here is a great picture of Chris with 2 slabs and a mouth full of my venison jerky he refused to part with.


With many hungry fish still waiting beneath the waves we raced home for the big game. During the Super Bowl blackout we had lots of time to discuss our recent successful outings and planned our next trip. With a quick scan of the weather forecast and work schedules we planned for a Tuesday afternoon trip. It turned out to be windier then forecasted but that is expected. Once back on the lake we spent a few minutes surveying the area and located our target. For the novice fisherman out there take a look at the picture below and know when this happens to you then you’re in the right spot.  🙂

Tandem jigs with a shad on the top and crappie on the bottom.


That was 1 of 5 shad we snagged that day. We looked for big schools of fish out in the channel that led up to the channel edge and we found the active fish up on the edge. When we locate active schools we often catch multiple species in the same area. Here is Eric with another dual hookup but this time with a white bass and crappie.


As crappie fishing goes it does not get much better than this.








For several minutes we were afforded the privilege of having this bald eagle scour the water around us in search of dinner. I do not see bald eagles often so I really enjoy it when I do.


During the last 2 hours of daylight the bite slowed to a crawl. We struggled to find active fish and we could not duplicate our earlier success. With only a few minutes of daylight left we decided it was time to head home and clean fish. Eric’s girls were so excited to welcome us home!! They were there to assist retrieving fish from the live well and then took turns placing fish on the cutting boards. I tell you these girls don’t mind getting their little hands dirty and I am pretty sure their clothes were not spared the mess either. Thanks for all your help girls!! 🙂


It has been a great week to be outdoors! With all this excitement I cannot wait for another outdoor adventure.


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  • TomKat says:

    Very nice pictures, I really liked the eagle one. I have seen quite a few eagles this year in the Kaw valley.

    I am looking forward to doing a little fishing myself at Clinton this spring.

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