First Shallow Fish

Eric and I hit Hillsdale Reservoir this afternoon. Yesterday Eric and Adam found good fish in 30 ft of water but something told me we needed to try shallow today with the Temperatures reaching over 80 today.

photo-13We got on the water about 3 pm this afternoon and headed straight for one of our favor spawning areas for crappie. It’s a nice brush pile in the very back of shallow cove. The water temps in the main lake and are where 52 to 54 degrees but as we pulled into the shallow of the cove we found 62 + water. With absolutely no reports of shallow fish we where not expecting much, but my first pitch resulted in a 12 inch female busting full of eggs. We fished the pile for about an hour and pulled 8 keepers crappie and several though backs over that time period.

Once the bite at the pile died we wanted to try some other spots on lake hoping to replicated the same success, that didn’t happen! We did see a few fish being caught in the Hillsdale point boat ramp area but after striking out we decided to head back tour spot to see if the fish had repopulated in the area. The first 4 casts produced fish but after that is was slow going. We ended the day with 15 keepers and several more shorts.

Jig of choice started out as a free swimming marabou hair jig and then the bite switched to a plastic jig under a bobber. The eggs in the few females we cleaned where free flowing and runny but you had to be in the perfect spot to get them!

~ Nick

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