Snag-A-Palooza II

IMG_1089Our second annual hunt for the prehistoric monsters roaming Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks was every bit the adventure we experienced in 2012, and then some – to the tune of an expanded roster, smarter and more efficient fishing strategies, and more overall success.

This trip was – as most readers of this here blog might assume by now – punctuated with numerous side stories and good times that will remain unwritten and sealed in the Kansas Outdoorsmen archives – but will likely grow in legend with time and serve as future inspiration for this particular excursion as the next year approaches.

IMG_1031The highlights that are suitable for public consumption start with spending a large part of the first day overhauling a lower unit. Aside from that, we at like kings, as is expected on any true Kansas Outdoorsman adventure – and spent the now-standard-and-mandatory time at the Old Oar House.

With a bit of experience under our belts, we were able to fish a bit smarter, and it paid off with several keepers this year, including Nick’s 60+ pound monster.

IMG_1077Check out a few more pics from this adventure here.

Last year’s adventure was captured in a bit more detail here.

~ benton

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