Short Afternoon Trip

photo-15I decided to sneak out this afternoon for a few hours to try our spot we caught a few at yesterday. I hit the water about 2 pm and headed straight for our favorite bank. I pulled up to find several boppers in the trees we wanted to fish and a some bank guys working their way down the bank. Oh well, might as well try it.

The water Temp was 65 in the back of the cove so I pitched marabou jig into the edge of the trees and thump, first cast was a nice female. Second cast second fish, fourth cast 3rd fish, all females. I caught two more over the next 45 minutes and decided to head to a different spot. At the new spot the water temp was 55 and no fish. I tried two more spots before I headed back to the honey hole with no luck.

After I pulled back into my spot and tied off, same story 3 fish in 4 cats. I added 3 more over the next 30 minutes before I had to head out. At the end of the day I had 11 nice keepers, 4 or 5 throwbacks and I lost 5 fish at the rail… I only caught 2 males the entire day which I can only attribute to the guys bank fishing. Here is a picture of the eggs, they are ready to go and those girls where up there spawning.


~ Nick

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