Evening Mixed Bag

photo-19Tonight found me at my favorite little city lake after work. I was lucky enough to sneak out early tonight and make on the water about 5 pm, which considering how work has been keeping me busy I was very happy to just be out.

My plan for this evening was to just relax and troll crank baits around for some white bass and wipers. After a few passes on my favorite spots had produced no action and very few marks on the graph I decided to switch plans. Lucky for me I had two crappie rods in the boat so I motored over to one of the many brush piles I know and dropped in a couple of jigs down into the top of the pile. Tick tick tick thump… Crappie on! So from 6 to 7:30 I messed around and put about 20 nice crappie in the boat on jigs. Today the where just ticking at it, you would get pecked 10 times for every fish you actually hooked which really kept you on your toes. All in all no real big fish but a lot of 9 to 10 inch fish that if I would have been keeping there would have had a mess to clean. I am going to keep this fact in the back of my mind for a minnow rigging trip later this week maybe.

After playing with the crappie I just had to try my luck again for those big wipers. I tossed out my trolling rigs and on my first pass I picked up this nice 3lber. 2 years ago we where catching a lot of 6 inch fish and I am guess this is from that year class.

photo-20Over the next hour I picked up 3 more and a few white when at 8:15 my rod just got crunched. I knew I had something big on as he started stripping line. After a nice fight with me only in the boat – reeling in the other two rod and netting my own fish I had this solid 26 inch toad in the boat. I measure him and snapped a few pictures and back in the water he went. A great way to spend a Kansas evening.


~ Nick

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