Mental Health Day!

Today found me taking a much needed a mental health afternoon and wanting to do some fishing. With my wonderful bride out of town I decided to head to one of my favorite little local lakes that has a good mix of solid fish in it.

I have fished the lake off on for the last few years but I have never tried any summer time crappie fishing with minnow so that was on the agenda for the day but here you can catch up to 5 different species at any time. First stop was to pick up some minnows and then off Dakota and I where. The Temperature was a cool 97 with a 10to 15 mph SW wind. I started the day off looking for shad to see if I could drift for wipers and cats but the only shad I found where to small to net. Strike one and 30 minutes wasted, but no fear; I just tossed out the crank baits and decided to do some trolling.


About 10 minutes into the first pass a nice 3 lb. wiper hit my crank.


After that little tussle and a few more white bass I thought I better start using some minnows before they all dies so I pulled over to a nice isolated brush pile in 16 ft of water about 40 ft away from the wiper break and dropped in a 1/8th oz. black jig head tipped with a minnow and it only took about 10 seconds for the first of several 11 in crappie to come to the surface.


Over the next hours I caught and released about 25-keeper crappie. Once the bite slowed and went tried a few other spots that have produce but other then a few nice catfish and some small crappie the bite was much slow. I decided to head back over to pile for a few more minutes and as soon as I dropped my minnow down 8 ft it went thump and then about 30 yards of drag went screaming off my real. I was using my 11 ft Ozark rod with 7 lb. power pro so I had to slowly play him but after a 5-minute fight and several long runs I boated this 5 lb. wiper. That’s why I came baby!!!


I finished the evening out by trolling the break and flats picking up 7 more nice 2 to 4 lb. wipers including this nice double (that was a blast to fight) and about a zones whites. The bite from 8 to 8:30 was really good as the big groups of whites and wipers showed up right where they where suppose to on the top of the break.

photo-5 IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0659

Good luck out there!


~ Nick

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