Post Storm

Jeff and I got a late start after work today not getting on the water until around 6:15. Since it actually rained a lot here in KS the last few days, our expectation for a good bite was not real high but the plan was to work over a few brush piles for some crappie then chase some wipers and whites right at sun set.

We pulled up to the first brush pile and right as we did a nice stiff north wind started blowing at about 15 mph. I tossed out the marker buoy and got the boat into position. Right away we started picking up small crappie. We where dropping minnows into the top of the pile using 1/16 to 1/8 oz. black jig heads and the crappie where just ticking at it then finally taking it.


The bite was steady and we had to move around the different parts of the pile quite often once the bite slowed in certain areas but longer stayed at it the better the size got. We went through all the minnows we had and left them biting which was a nice change. We where not keeping any but I think we would have had 15 to 20 keepers with the biggest being about 11.

Around 7:30 we started chasing the wipers and whites. We could graph them but they just didn’t want to play today at all. We threw slab spoons at them; we trolled all sorts of crank baits but nothing… oh well. 40 crappie, one 3 lb. catfish and 14 in walleye’s not a bad evening.


Good luck out there.

~ Nick

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