Dove Season

This years 2013 dove season has been a little hit and miss. The year started out with a bang, literally. Open morning we had a thunder storm that delayed the opener for 3 hours. With plans to hunt a pond that morning I had to scrap that plan and hunt the back side of an old hedge row that had scattered ditch weed in it. I ended up scrapping out 5 birds (one collard) on a nice little hunt.

Dakota in the "weeds"

Dakota in the “weeds”


Our next two hunts where in the evening hunting the down wind side of one of our duck ponds. The first night was a nice sunny evening. The birds where working in steadily but my shooting was some of the worst I have ever had on doves. Either I was on them or a total miss. I just couldn’t figure out what my problem was until I got home and took out my choke tube. Still had the extra full turkey tube in from the spring… That’s my excuse for only getting 5 when I should of had a limit!



Our last hunt of the of the year (up to this point) was a little better results wise. I got 12 birds on 22 shots. The crazy part of the evening was the fact that we left Lenexa and it was 88 and sunny and by the time we got to our hunting spot an hour later is was 69, cloudy and a north wind… Still a great evening.

Dakota prancing with one of her birds

Dakota prancing with one of her birds



~ Nick

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