Catching Up – Spring & Summer 2013

I know, recurring theme here… But for months now I have been trying to make a bit of time to catch up on what has become a running list of post-worthy events. Seems I have written these lines before on this blog, but the standard things like, say, “life” in general just keep getting in the way of sitting down at my desk and putting pen to paper (yes, I actually DO write out all of my posts with pen & paper first!)

While it has not been the most adventure-laden spring and summer for me, I have had my share of usual, annual events and a few scattered occasions to share tales involving rod, gun and camera.

This time of the year I tend to find myself in that annual state of “controlled chaos” – so much to do, so much to think about, so much momentum and energy all at once, and gaining momentum with every passing day. Autumn and her big brother, Winter, are both demanding attention. They knock at our door – softly, if only for now – reminding us that they are waiting, and with less and less patience as each day passes.

It seems to some of us that this first half of each year is merely a passing of the time, where all things are either a preparation for or a distraction to get us through until our passion greets us from northern skies. And so my fingers digress into something more poetic than this post requires. Let me get back on track here… 🙂

Dove, early teal, blind work, kids back in school, college football, my garden, a little fall fishing, even a work conference I get excited for – all seem to compete with one another for that limited space in my brain that I have to process and focus. It amounts to a whole lot of hurry-up-and-get-everything-done. A sense of urgency, suddenly, with everything I do. So much to do, and so little time.

Meaning, for our purposes here, lots to write about – and lots more coming. And that it’s time to finally catch up on blog posts.

I have decided to use this post as a sort of index. I’ll be writing full pieces, predating them to their actual date, and linking to them directly below.

Our second annual Snag-A-Palooza – Paddlefish at Lake of the Ozarks

Kansas Spring Turkey – Trying to get the kids on a bird…

The Annual Truman Crappie Trip

Rembrandt – The newest member of the family, Rembrandt – or Remy – a 16.3 hand Warmblood/Paint – an expensive distraction designed to occupy my wife, allowing for even more time afield on my part. This wasn’t necessarily in my waterfowling budget, but I have a couple happy girls here now, and a LOT of brownie points going into the fall season…

Home Away From Home II – ANOTHER Duck Blind Project – several weekends to date have gone into replicating last year’s new blind. Thought it might be nice to have a similar structure on the other side of the pond to take advantage of winds from the north. I’ll be adding this post as we finish up construction prior to the late October opening.

Working Luba – Earlier in August, spent a little time introducing my buddy’s pointing lab to a few Coturnix quail out near our duck pond

Port Washington – Salmon on Lake Michigan

So there. My attempt to catch up on six months of writing. There’s nothing like a ten hour post-salmon trip drive from Wisconsin to Kansas with the guys you share all of these experiences with throughout the year to reflect back on the 2013 highlights to date. And to aspire (and conspire) together on the season to come. It’s almost like a sense of closure on all of the outdoors happenings that are NOT waterfowl-related; get it all out of the way, clear our plates, cleanse our palettes for the “Real Show” that can now be counted in weeks, versus months.

As I scribbled these final lines in the truck on this ride, as if it had been intentionally scripted, the video of many exciting salmon battles from the previous days, playing on the laptop, came to an end. Nick pulled up some of last year’s goose hunting videos. The excitement level in the truck clearly changed from tired-after-a-long-trip/car-ride to anticipation and excitement as we watched group after group of geese finish to our cameras and guns.

We are almost there.

~ benton

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