Wolf Creek

Jeff and I just couldn’t take not fishing on a perfect 55 degree day with no wind… With ice on all the lakes still, that left only two options in KS and we opted to head south and try out Wolf Creek power plant lake. Jeff, Eric and I have been asked to test out the new Garmin fish finders so today’s plan was really to spend as much time as possible on testing out the new equipment vs catching fish. After two hours of working on the new equipment we finally started to do a little fishing, the bite was slow and we where not finding any big schools of any type. We finally found a few fish sucked down deep into some rocks and for the last hour that we had to fish, the bite was steady on Crappie with the accessional smallmouth or largemouth bass thrown in. All in all a great day on the water.

Jeff with a couple of 13 1/2's

Jeff with a nice Smallmouth

A Largemouth fell of my jig

Good Fighting smallmouth

50,000 snows a half mile away

~ Nick

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