Reunion Weekend – 2013

Each Fall I get together with some very dear friends, Mark, Jeff, and Dan, to spend a November weekend bow-hunting and catching up.  2013 is the 21st year of our reunions and now that our boys are getting older we determined that it was time to start bringing them along for the fun.  Mark & Jeff have to do some travelling to get here, so that left Dan & I to get the tree-stands up.  We specifically purchased a few 2-person ladder stands so that our new young hunting partners could accompany us.  Although we barely got everything in place just the prior weekend, we must have done a good job as everyone had plenty of deer sightings.  Of course, I think we timed the rut pretty well this year and also had some good weather for deer activity.  I got to see two different 10-pointers, which is fantastic for me as I rarely see even just one in any given year.  Jeff had an opportunity to draw back on a really big 10+ point buck, but had the misfortune of hitting his sleeve with the bowstring causing his shot to go awry.  (been there, done that).  Mark & Dan also recorded several  ‘shooter’ buck sightings over the weekend.

First Archery Deer

At the close of last year’s hunt, we promised each other that next year Mark was definitely going to get a deer.  Due to his busy ranching schedule, this annual weekend is the only time Mark gets out to bow hunt and we desperately wanted him to be able to tag his first archery deer.  Our wish was granted on the second morning.

Mark & Peyton with  First  archery deer.

Mark & Peyton with First archery deer.

Your first deer taken with a bow is always a “Trophy” and this one was made even better by the fact that Mark’s son Peyton (13) was along to experience the whole thing.  Mark & Peyton had seen a few deer moving that morning, but all a distance, nothing came near.  Around 10:00 am they decided to get down and start heading back, but as soon as their feet touched the ground, Mark spotted this little buck headed right towards them.  They froze and waited until the buck eventually came close enough and Mark made a perfect 10 yard broadside shot.  His G5 Montec broadhead pierced both lungs and we were able to make a clean recovery less than 50 yards later.  I think the smiles prove that our bow hunting addicts club has two new members!!

A True Kansas Trophy

A True Kansas Trophy

~ Eric


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