I would like to introduce the newest of the Outdoorsman crew, this is Paige Neff.

Paige came to us from a breeder in Pomona KS and is jumping right in to the family. We picked Paige up after last Sunday’s (29th) hunt. So far she has shown no fear on anything right in the middle of everything we do. Like most Labs she is exploring the world with her mouth but so far only a few minor pieces of clothing and furniture have been destroyed but I am sure more are to come. We have had her 10 days now and she has learned to sit and go to the door when she needs to potty. Dakota is finally starting to accept the little brown terror is not leaving or going back to where ever she came from and starting play with her.

Right now we spend a few minutes every night on sitting and then playing a little fetch (when the big dog isn’t to jealous). As the weather warms up we will start doing more things outside but right now we will take what we can get. Over all Paige is really starting to learn her spot in the house, kennel and in our hearts.

Playing sit and fetch.

Playing sit and fetch.

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