To say this years waterfowl season has fizzled after an awesome start is to say the very least at this point. After a incredible week of hunting a Glen Elder earlier this fall the birds have basically left us high and dry. It’s not like we haven’t been afield, truly we have almost every weekend but the straps have been mostly empty week after week.

So this morning I rose early with good friend Gary Mellard and headed and went through the motions. Not really having high expectation we headed north to one of my ponds we have had past success on I was just hoping to see a few birds.

We pulled up to the pond about 7 and started tossing out decoys and I went to work with the chainsaw opening a small hole. With the wind blowing up to 40 mph out of the NW we had to put the decoys up in the grass and only a few floaters in the small hole I cut.


As we where finishing up the first group of birds come over fighting the wind slowly, I was really hoping it was a good omen. A few more flocks came over but kept on going as they had all year, same old same old.

The next group was on the same line when all of a sudden they broke left cupped and came right into the 7 floaters in our tiny hole. 4 or the 3 birds stayed!!! The streak is over!!!


Two more big groups finished pulling three birds out of each group (one of them was over 30 birds) trying to finish in our tiny little hole. Dakota has some fun sliding around the ice chasing geese as they tried to get away.


Dakota with a 9 pack

Dakota with a 9 pack


A great morning for sure.!



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