Clinton 5/10 – Crappie Spawn

Saturday’s fishing trip actually started last night when Nick noticed that one of the bunk boards on my trailer had come loose right before trying to load the boat.  After quickly lashing it down with some extra rope, we trailered the boat and limped our way home from the lake.  That meant Saturday started with a quick trip to the hardware store for some lumber and carpeting.   I made it back home in time to attend the kids’ soccer games then rushed home again for a little repair work.


With Nick’s generous help, we got the boards cut, carpet glued, and everything stapled down in about 40 minutes of frantic effort.   As soon as we got the boat into the water, we stripped the old bunk boards off and replaced them with the new preassembled pieces we brought with us and were on the water by about 4:45 ready to fish.  It’s amazing what motivation you find when a hot bite is waiting!

Take a Kid (or two) Fishing

A bit bigger Kid with another good one.


10-yr old Kale with his first keeper of the day.










We had just enough time to hit some of the spawning banks that produced earlier in the week to catch about a dozen keepers before the storm blew in and forced us to take a shelter break for an hour.

IMG_2631 IMG_1172 IMG_2633 IMG_1177

Once the rains passed, we headed back out to finish out the evening.  Although it was still a bit windy the storms didn’t seem to affect the fishing.  We continued to catch them on jigs (red/chart & black/chart seemed to work the best) bouncing the bottom in 5-7 feet of water.  I think we ended up with 28 keepers, a bunch of smiles, and some very good memories.

~ Eric

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