The Spot on the Spot

I believe it was the Linder brothers (Angling Edge) who talk about finding the spot on the spot, meaning that fish may be using a particular area of the lake, points, flats, rocky banks, etc. but typically within that larger area there are usually a few smaller spots that hold the largest concentrations of fish.  This scenario played out exactly as the Linders described last night.  During a recent outing to Clinton, we stumbled (and I can admit when dumb luck comes into play) onto a completely new area of the lake that we’ve never fished before and found a good number of crappie still actively spawning.  The general area included a bunch of scattered rocks out on a large flat.  Last night Nick and friend Gary joined me on a quick evening outing to see if we could find these fish again.  Due to the 20 mph winds, we headed out armed with a couple of heavy anchors, ¼ oz. jig heads, and some good casting rods.  We cruised the flats and would mark the rocks when we saw them on the sonar and then do our best to anchor up within casting distance.  Every rock pile held fish, but eventually we honed in on the ‘Spot’ that produced the best and just blistered them for a couple hours until sunset.  At least one of us seemed to have a fish on at any given time if not doubles or even triples coming into the boat.  Red/Chartreuse and Black/Chartreuse jigs dragged or hopped along the bottom seemed to be the ticket.

Gary with a big 14" crappie

Gary with a big 14″ crappie

Nick's 14" Slab

Nick’s 14″ Slab

Eric with a big 13" darkly colored male

Eric with a big 13″ darkly colored male

Most notably was the size of many of the fish as Nick and Gary both landed a 14” crappie.  As we approached our 60 fish, 3-man limit we got to start being picky, throwing back about another 30+ 10” fish holding out for the ‘bigger’ ones.  All in all, I would estimate that we caught over 400 last night with about 50% coming from the Spot on the Spot.

And we got treated to this beautiful sunset on our way back to the ramp.

And we got treated to this beautiful sunset on our way back to the ramp.

~ Eric

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