The Truman Blues

With a little more time than recent Saturdays have provided, Nick and I decided to try something new and headed down to Truman in search of some of its renowned blue catfish.  Step one of course is finding shad for bait.  After a good 40-minute upper body workout throwing the cast net around we finally had enough bait to give it a go.


Nick's nice 29" Blue Cat

Nick’s nice 29″ Blue Cat

Five minutes into our second drift we quickly had two rods double over and landed the above 29” blue along with a nice 25 incher.  About an hour later we got our next action with another double; a 27” blue (below) and a 22 incher.


Eric with a 27" Blue

Eric with a 27″ Blue

After that, it the fishing slowed down a bit and we picked up a single here and there over the rest of the afternoon.  With the new slot limits in place, the two larger cats (over 26”) had to go back to keep up the breeding stock, but we still ended up with 9 nice ‘eater’ size fish for the table.


A Tasty Treat!

A Tasty Treat!

~ Eric

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