Paige Goes Solo

Today founds me taking Paige out for her first hunt as the only dog, the pressure was on. As soon as we pulled up to the pond we had doves flying around and didn’t take long for me to put the first dove down… in need deep smart weed. This being Paige’s first trip out as the only dog I was a little worried she would struggle with as dry as it was and just learning this whole fetching life birds thing. To my surprise she jumped right in and after a few short seconds she found the bird and happily brought it back. She did great tonight finding 8 of the 9 downed birds in heavy cover as well as her first water fetch when one bird went down in the pond, proud poppa today.

Paige with her bounty

Paige with her bounty

As the dove hunt was winding down Benton showed up with his daughter to enjoy a great evening. I took a few pictures as they spend some quality daughter daddy time. No filters here.


~ Nick

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