David’s Deer: Kansas Crossbow Trophy Buck


With everyone’s mind on deer this past week, thought I’d post a couple flashback pieces on a couple of my favorite deer hunts. This one from 2014…

My dad is 70 yrs old and we do all we can to keep him hunting. Being in the outdoors is his passion. He works out all year in the gym and does his best to stay healthy so he can do the things he enjoys.

This stand is set on the edge of a cut bean field, at the base of a hill, just off a creek. This picture is taken from the deer stand and the direction the buck came from. It was early November and I had just set this stand for a south wind with the thoughts that any buck working the rut would need to stop by the creek to either cool off or get a drink. While I was setting the stand in the morning, I had a small 8 point buck run down the creek and fill himself and cool off a bit, then continue on. I figured my dad would have a good chance in there for an evening hunt.

It is a challenge for a 70 yr old person to climb up into a tree and get into a deer stand. My dad made it just fine. He had a south wind which the stand was set for, but with about 25 minutes of shooting light left, this very nice 8 point buck came from the northeast and was going to cross dad’s sent cone. Dad was on him and watched him as the buck did cross behind him, coming from the wrong direction, of course. The buck seemed to catch something on the wind, but it was not enough to slow him down.

As the buck stepped into the timber and walked directly toward my dad, he had his crossbow sighted on him, but the only shot he had for a while was straight between the antlers. UG! Patience‚Ķ and the buck moved closer and finally gave dad enough of an angle to work a cross bow bolt down over the bucks head, between the antlers and into the back/chest cavity. It was a great shot and the buck only went about 20-25 yards and fell over. Dad reloaded his cross bow just in case he would need another shot, but he didn’t.

I had been hunting separately and was walking back from my tree in the low light to check on dad when I got the call. I asked him if he was alright and he told me that he shot one! I have to be honest, the call sort of caught me off guard. I went down to the creek bottom and there was dad, standing over this huge 8 point buck, the largest of his life, grinning from ear to ear!

Now, you see TV shows and read a lot of magazines and see a lot of gorgeous trophy bucks. This one just seemed to beat them all. My dad thought he was nice, but did not really know how nice of an 8 point it was. When I saw him laying there, I was very surprised. Our family had not taken very many deer in this range. Any deer with archery equipment with head gear like this is a trophy.

Thanks to the state of Kansas for giving the rut to bow hunters and allowing folks to use cross bows. That allows my dad to spend a lot more time in the woods and the opportunity to get up close and personal with his quarry. Congratulations to David, my dad, for all of the hard work he put into his season and for taking such a gorgeous animal!

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