August 8, 2016: Blackened Blue


See What I did There?

Now that I am an extremely wealthy man (in that place where blue cat fillets are the currency, at least) I can just throw fillets about at my leisure. And after yesterday, well, figured I might as well get started spending.

Blackened Catfish

So, immediate disclaimer. I did not make this up, started and based it off of a Google search, as many of my creations do. Found a few, looked at the elements I liked, and adapted. This actually stayed pretty in tune with the one I found, so, no creative assumptions here. In fact, here is where I started, and really, followed along with many of the suggestions in the reviews section.

You’ll find my adjustments to seasoning in the picture below. I’ll let the author have their credit by making you click through. I will simply state that I halved the cayenne and salt, and kept the Italian dressing to a drizzle. My biggest concern using it was that I was not looking for those flavors in this creation. No need to worry, it did not take away from the blackened Cajun flavor at all.


This turned out amazing. Just amazing. Aside from cleaning the skillet afterwards and airing out the house, it was really pretty easy, for “faking” the blackening process. Not quite the true iron skillet on a 12-gazillion BTU burner outside, but whoa, Momma. This was one of the finest things I’ve made with fish and game in some time.

Go check out the recipe and give it a whirl. And make lots of it. Because everyone will want it, and you’ll eat it for all three meals a day until it’s gone.


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