October 8-9, 2016: Tandem Fly Outfitters on Taneycomo


Had the privilege and pleasure of joining an old friend as he restarts a previously successful fishing guide service based out of Branson, MO, to snap some stills, add a little creative direction where needed, and serve as a fly fishing model (yeah, that’s what I’m calling myself!) for a video shoot to help him get things moving again.

Kris Nelson – also known as Tandem Fly Outfitters – is just about as first class as it gets. On both a personal and professional level, Kris simply knocks it out of the park and goes that extra mile in everything he does.

Putting together a crew to get this video done was no exception. Part of that comes from our buddy Rich Dean, who knows how to assemble a crew. He brings amazing talent to the table.

Amazing thanks to Kris’ family, who treat us all like royalty for some crazy reason, and thanks for the new friendships made. Truly amazing group and I’m thankful to know these people. Look forward to seeing them all again, and very excited to see how the video comes out.

For now, here is what little I have to offer. Did not get as much good stuff as I’d hoped for, and definitely not as crisp as I wanted them to be. I was a little off in the early morning and dusk shots, but got a few worth sharing here.

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