The Authors

Welcome to Kansas This whole blog idea evolved from a desire for the three of us to better chronicle our adventures as we seek to conquer the wilds of Kansas and beyond. With so much going on all of the time, we were finding it increasingly challenging to keep track of ourselves, each other, and our stories.

After months of duck blind discussion, conversation over spider rigging, and over one or two adult beverages, our strategy was laid out. An online journal would be developed, something we could all participate in, something we could use to share our exploits with our friends, our family, and any other like-minded chaser of fin & feather, of sunrises over decoys, and all the wonders one might discover in the great outdoors.

The three of us – along with a strong supporting cast that you are sure to become familiar with if you follow us for long – are excited to be sharing our journey with you. Thanks for joining us.

Nick Neff

The true brainchild of the Kansas Outdoorsman project.  This whole idea is Nick’s baby, and while we were not really sure about it initially, we are all thanking him and enjoying his persistence as the blog takes place.

Nick will be posting up his bio in this space soon, so do check back to find out a bit more about him.

Benton Boyd

The marketing guy with the digital/online experience… AKA the sucker who got talked into putting the site in place, developing the graphics, managing any of the website/blog elements, etc.

I too will get more of a bio in place in this space in the near future.

Adam Kiburz

Adam is the “engineer” of the bunch.  You can imagine how that might come in handy afield.  His perspective is invaluable.  Which is good.  We needed a pretty solid excuse to bring him in the loop.  That, and I love his work on the short reed 🙂

Adam’s bio will show up here as he gets around to it.

For now, please enjoy our random and often unstructured ramblings, and try not to hold our grammatical and formatting shortcomings against us.

Thanks again for stopping by.